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About Minimakers

Minimakers are courses and activities within "digital creativity" for children and young people, with a focus on learning through play, exploration and creativity. Coding, new technology and traditional craftsmanship will together be the basis for creation.

Minimakers is an arena where children can learn and explore the intersection between technology, science, innovation, design and art. Here they will build the basis for fearlessness by learning that failure is an essential part of innovation. Curiosity and exploration need to be promoted!


Today's children are big consumers of technology and spend a lot of time in front of a screen. What will be essential for the future is the ability not only to be consumers of technology, but to use technology to solve challenges, to create.


The goal is to set up a curriculum for children aged 6-14 in Kristiansand city center during spring 2019.

Here they will create physical things, such as a toy, a game, a garment, a practical thing, or art. This they will create by using traditional crafts such as gutting, stitching, modeling, ceramics, paints and combinations of these, by using new technology such as 3D printers and laser cutters, and by embedding small computers such as Micro: bits or Arduino they can code.

They will go through the whole process from designing the original idea to trying and failing, and finding solutions to implementing the idea.


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